Welcome to JetFable Studio.

Welcome to JetFable Studio, we are a combined mobile game design studio and book pusblisher. We strive for innovation in the entertainment / media industry.

We have added new members to our team, including industry veterans who has worked on titles like the best-selling Resistance and Rachet And Clank series on PS3.

Tiki Smasher is the latest game we have been working on and it is now available for the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad on sale for 99 cents. Tiki Smasher is a Castle Defense game with an Arcade Action twist. You control Smasher the pinball and defend the Tiki God against hordes of unending waves of enemies.

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Summation version 3.02 and Summation Lite (Totally Free!) is available now, an unique educational puzzler like no other, on sale for 99 cents on Itunes.

Summation was featured in an article: Apps For Math Lovers by AppGamer.net (8/24).

Summation was reviewed at MustTap.com (8/7).

Summation has ben mentioned and reviewed officially at WePlayIphone.com (8/2).


Check out our newly relesed novel - Pillars, by Fabian Chung, a horror / science-fiction / thriller gurantees to blow your mind away, now available at Amazon.com and most online book distributors.

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